Old yet young… 

So let me start with “females now a days will do it all for attention ” 
So as I sit and watch the 29 yr old mom of 2 children who would rather play with her friends then be a mom , saddens me whole heartedly… It’s hard to watch how a mother puts other people before their children. Especially when they are very young.

I try to say something but it gets put on me that I’m jealous..which is far from the truth. I have my own child who is a young lady . Also as a single parent I do everything I can for her and always put her first before anyone else I don’t mind sitting in the house with my daughter knowing she is loved and listened to.

Times are so different from the days when I was raised when women put their children before anyone, the days where mothers always made sure their children were their first priority. No man was put before their young ones. This next generation it so fixed on them selves that they are raising children that will have no love for the future or anyone else for that fact. I just can’t wrap my head around why this is how our society is now.

These are the women who count the likes on social media and half naked pics more then they count on their children getting good grades in school. These are also the parents who rather say their child has ADHD in stead of realizing that their child’s real problem is lack of love and doing crazy things to get attention. Let’s just put our child on meds instead of seeing what the real underlining problem is. 

It’s so sad to watch this happen more and more as this new generation just ignores their responsibilities as a parent and put their bodies in every mans arms that reaches out to them .

Females will have more then 1 dude in their life thinking it will get them ahead of the rest but all it does is make them a joke to everyone else. They don’t realize that they are just another notch on the belt because they keep getting passed around the same circle of guys. And a real man doesn’t want a women that comes with a track record of all of them had her. It is aging these females to fast and washing them out to make them look older and dumber then the real woman generation.
Ok so now I’m just blah blah blahing!!! Till next time many blessings.. 

Ladies keep your legs closed and your mind and eyes open ..